Packing in heat-shrinkable foils

We provide services of heat-shrinkable packing This is a method of fast and tight element packing for land, sea, air transportation, seasonal storage of different types of elements in storehouses, warehouses, umbrella roofs as well as newly produced elements for sale.

This method allows for creation of tight and closely adjacent barrier which effectively protects a packed element against different types of dust, harmful UV radiation, aging, fading, cracking.

The types of elements packed in heat-shrinkable films are virtually unlimited, also for this reason, very small items such as drink bottles and oversize items are packed in them (furnaces, trains, airplanes, boats, cranes, buildings, lifts, etc.)

The next advantage of heat-shrinkable packing is aesthetics which has significant importance, particularly in packing elements for sale.

Other services - Wood

We produce:

  • complete umbrella roofs
  • pergolas
  • fences
  • roofing with installation or for self-installation, according to a client’s design or design developed by our company.

Garden architecture production and assembly

Comprehensive services of performance and assembly of garden architecture elements, e.g.

  • umbrella roofs
  • terraces
  • pergolas
  • fencings
  • roofings
  • buildings


Relocation support

Our company offers support in the production of wooden packaging together with comprehensive packing and protection services for machinery and equipment during sea, air and road transport and storage and moving. Our relocation services include: relocation of machinery, equipment, production lines and international relocations of entire factories.

The level of our services fulfils the highest European standards, that’s why we bring together the best specialists with extensive that we have gained for many years.

We can lead the most complex projects, from design to final implementation stage. Thanks to that, we guarantee the timeliness, reliability, responsibility and professionalism of our work, adapting our work so that during the work we do not disturb the production process at the plant.

  • Comprehensive service for relocation companies;
  • Packaging manufacturing and packing of machines and production lines;
  • Manufacture of boxes and packing of machines according to transport requirements;
  • Support for heavy machinery transportation with skids, cranes, hydraulic overhead cranes, fork-lift trucks and specialized trucks;
  • Loading, unloading and forming transport units;
  • Containerization, stowage and fastened cargoes in containers and other means of transport.

Comprehensive logistic services

In addition to storage and warehousing, we also perform many other activities to prepare the goods for further operations. To meet the demands of our customers, we reduce costs by offering comprehensive logistic services such as:

  • unloading/loading,
  • cargo reloading,
  • packing, stowing services,
  • containerization,
  • packing for retail,
  • palletization,
  • cargo storage,
  • quality control,
  • entry documentation,
  • signing, labelling,
  • repacking.

We have a large storage and loading hall with a crane and our own means of internal and external transport. Thanks to that we guarantee timely, reliable, responsible and professional work done by us.